Joe’s Story of Survival

Joe made full use of his nine lives before ending up in the care of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Joe was found injured in Downtown Winnipeg after being hit by a vehicle. His injuries included a broken shoulder blade, a diaphragmatic hernia (his gastrointestinal organs shifted out of his abdomen and into his chest causing him severe breathing problems), and a ruptured diaphragm. The WHS Clinic Staff acted quickly and performed an emergency surgery to repair his ruptured diaphragm and return his GI organs to his abdomen to improve his breathing. During the surgery they noticed that Joe already had … Continued

One of the pieces of monthly mail received from donor Ann Saltzberg.

CEO Blog: A tale of two donors and the amazing legacy of our supporters

“Annie! It is so nice to finally meet you! Before you go… Could I give you a hug?” There are moments in our lives that we never forget. As I write this blog, I have goosebumps remembering that big, bear hug I got from one very special lady: Ann Saltzberg. The main reason why that hug is now so important is that just two weeks after I met Annie in person for the first time, she passed away. Annie, as we called her in the shelter, loved animals. And she loved the Winnipeg Humane Society. Every month, without fail, I … Continued

Young campers learn about the importance of bees.

WHS Education Corner: Kid Camps Encourage Next Generation of Animal Advocacy

By: Richard Milbourne, Assistant Manager, Education When most people think of the Winnipeg Humane Society they think of cats and dogs. Its true that day to day, cats and dogs take up a large chunk of our time and resources. However, there is so much more than that! Part of working at the Winnipeg Humane Society is being an advocate for all animals; farm animals, exotic animals, and wild animals. It is hugely important to us to be a voice for ALL animals. Throughout our summer kid camps, we take time to teach our campers about animal welfare in a … Continued

New Remote and Rural Pilot Project Coordinator Katie Powell

Critical Veterinary Services Heading to Underserved Remote Communities

Through our clinics working in remote Manitoba communities, team members of our Winnipeg Humane Society have witnessed the dire lack of veterinary resources. It’s a massive disservice to not just the communities, but to the animals. We want to do more and we need to do more. With the establishment of the new Remote and Rural Pilot Project (RRPP) and a dedicated Coordinator, the WHS is one step closer to providing a more humane solution to the current over population of roaming, breeding and “problem” dogs living in remote areas of Manitoba. The RRPP is a critical way to provide … Continued

Image via Forks Over Knives

Meatless Mondays: Super Sloppy Joes

By: Laura Platt It’s an interesting time of year as we slowly come out of a long, cold Manitoba winter and transition through spring and summer. We are still leaning on our go-to comfort meals, but let’s face it; we are bored and ready to lighten them up a bit. We are ready to have some fun. When preparing a nutritious Plant Based Meal, some might think that means we can’t enjoy those “old childhood favourites” that bring back so many of your own family memories. You’ll be happy to learn, that providing a healthy Plant Based Meal for your family … Continued

Briggs didn't turn our quite as expected.

CEO Blog: Your WHS is now dog breed-free

We need to stop trying to guess the breeds of our dogs. Let me tell you why. Briggs was adopted from the WHS as a puppy because we had him listed as a Border Collie mix due to his colours (black & white) and slightly longer fur. He ended up being returned to us for getting “too big” and he truly was much taller and lankier than a typical border collie. And to add more to our puzzlement, he also behaved nothing like a border collie (no herding instinct or ball drive apparent). He just got adopted again, for the … Continued

Rocky Beats the Odds

Rocky Beats the Odds Rocky took some punches but never gave up and went all 12 rounds before finding his forever home. Rocky arrived at the shelter in early February with the odds of adoption stacked against him. Rocky is a big guy, he was already 4 years old, and his breed (Rottweiler) deters some people from adopting. Aside from the physical attributes, Rocky also had a handful of behaviour and socialization issues. He was very stubborn on leash, he didn’t like wearing his collar, he occasionally snapped at people trying to pet his head, and he became overprotective of … Continued

Allison Minkhorst, Debbie Peters, Amanda Steadman, Pat Wherrett

April Volunteer Profile: Gently Used Book & DVD Sale Lead Team

April Volunteer Profile: Gently Used Book & DVD Sale Lead Team (Allison Minkhorst, Debbie Peters, Amanda Steadman, Pat Wherrett)   There’s an old proverb that goes “It takes a village to raise a child.” To paraphrase that at the Winnipeg Humane Society, one could say, “It takes a team to run a book sale.” To the public, it may seem like the WHS annual Gently Used Book and DVD sale is simply a weekend event. But examine it more closely and you’ll soon learn how complicated a project it is – taking months of concentrated effort by dozens of volunteers. Taking … Continued

Beaux’s Battle for Happiness

Beaux’s Battle for Happiness   Beaux is a fighter who refused to give in. She arrived at the shelter in mid April as a stray in rough shape. Her right eye was bulging and discoloured with a thick discharge covering it. Her skull was abnormally shaped around her right eye as well.  After further evaluation from the WHS clinic staff, it was determined that Beaux’s injury was caused from being in a viscous dog fight. In addition to her eye injury, Beaux seemed to be laboring on her front left leg. Her leg was permanently flexed at the carpals and … Continued

A Danger for Dogs: Q&A on Parvovirus

A Danger for Dogs: Q&A on Parvovirus With the snow finally melted, it is the time of year when the Investigations & Emergency Response Department (I/ER) begins to receive numerous calls about Parvovirus in dogs. This fatal disease can be transmitted as easily as a visit to the dog park, so prevention is the best protection. What is Parvovirus? Parvovirus (Parvo) is an infection that targets the gastrointestinal tract and can cause the white blood cell levels to fail in dogs. Parvo most often targets puppies, but any unvaccinated dog is at risk. Some breeds have a higher risk of … Continued